Alzheimer's Disease: A type of dementia which is characterized by short term memory loss, intermittent confusion, and repetitiveness. Early diagnosis and treatment will aid in slowing the progression of the disease process.

Bell's Palsy: Common cause of facial paralysis that may result from a viral illness. Lyme disease must also be excluded as a potential cause. Studies have demonstrated lack of efficacy of anti-viral agents.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A common cause of numbness and tingling of the first three fingers characteristically associated with repetitive movement. Particularly symptomatic at night and easily diagnosed by an EMG test.

Epilepsy (Seizures): Abnormal electrical activity of the brain which may present as involuntary movements, passing out spells, lapses of awareness, and excessive daydreaming as examples of a few of the symptoms.

Headache: Do you think you suffer from sinus headaches? Numerous studies have documented that between 70-95% of "sinus headache" sufferers actually have Migraine. Migraines are frequently triggered by changes in weather, stress, certain foods, and hormonal fluctuations.

Multiple Sclerosis: A demyelinating disease of the central nervous system characterized by some of the following symptoms: visual loss in one eye, double vision, vertigo, numbness, weakness, clumsiness and gait disturbance for which there are a number of effective treatments when diagnosed early.

Parkinson's Disease: A common movement disorder associated with rigidity, shuffling gait, and tremor for which there are a number of new treatments, one of which is described in the ADAGIO TRIALS.

Sciatica: A type of nerve root irritation (Radiculopathy) where one can experience pain, numbness, weakness or a combination of symptoms along the entire coarse of the nerve or anywhere along its pathway. A diagnosis can be easily made with an EMG/Nerve Conduction Study.

Syncope: Complete or incomplete loss of consciousness due to fainting, drops in blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances and certain types of seizures.

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  • "After a fall and suffering a severe brain hemorrhage, it wasn't until I met with Dr. Pearlstein that someone finally understood my symptoms, recognized the seriousness of my condition, and gave me the help that I needed."
    Eve W., Multiple brain hemorrhages following a fall
  • "My experience with Dr. Pearlstein and his staff has been excellent. The doctor helped resolve my problem without me having to resort to a spinal tap, which was recommended by another specialist. Dr. Pearlstein is very knowledgeable, thorough and consistent. He provides you with educational handouts and information so that you understand your problem. I am a very pleased and satisfied patient."
    Nicole M., Pseudotumor cerebri patient
  • "Thanks Dr. Khatri for fixing my headaches. You have made a world of difference."
    Alexis K., Migraine sufferer
  • "Both Dr. P. and Dr. Khatri are kind and caring practitioners who have provided me with outstanding care over the last 20 years. They are very punctual and I never have to wait to be seen. Exemplary assistance from their office staff, especially Tina."
    Ronald S., Spinal cord/disc injury in the neck
  • "Dr. P. is the best doc I ever had."
    Rita G., MS patient since 1996
  • "Dr. Khatri is very thorough and approachable. She spends a great deal of time with her patients and is always willing to listen to you. I have had headaches for most of my life and saw several doctors. She was the only one that ever helped me."
    Anna B., Headache patient
  • "The Doctor is very nice, and explains things in a manner easily understood by the patient and family."
    Eleanor D., Alzheimer's Disease caregiver
  • "Quick and painless. Based on what I have heard about other people's experiences, I wouldn't go anyplace else."
    Julie C., EMG testing
  • "El doctor Pearlstein fue el unico medico que pudo controlar mis ataques epilepticos y cambio mi vida."
    Carmen A., Seizure Disorder, patient since 1993
  • "Anybody that uses anyone else is making a big mistake. If it weren't for Dr. P. my husband wouldn't be where he is today. Medically he is great and we love his sense of humor."
    Bobbi H., wife of patient with Lewy Body Dementia
  • "Being a patient of Dr. P. is a blessing. He really takes the time to make sure you understand your issue. He has such a great personality and makes me very at ease and comfortable. He ALWAYS has the patient's best interest at heart."
    Amy B., Seizure Disorder
  • "I feel that Dr. P is a very good doctor. He says what the bottom line is as far as medical treatment. Appointments are always on time and all of my medical issues are resolved quickly. The front desk staff are fabulous and very accommodating."
    Denise C., MS patient since 2002
  • "I like Dr. P very much and trust him a lot. He and his staff are very pleasant. I would recommend him to anyone."
    Jennie R., Carotid artery disease patient since 1998